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Help needed!!  Prepare for the 2017 harvest. Make sure our equipment is clean and functional. Have fun.  Snoqualmie Ridge Storage, August 19th, 9:30.


Help Needed!!!  At Boeing Family Day in the Renton 737 Factory on August 20th 10am-3pm, BEWBC proposes to demonstrate winemaking processes using club equipment:  macrobins, press, crusher, carboy, floor corker.  And water.  The objective is to recruit new members, in order to reduce our per-member expenses and increase our volunteer pool.
The following volunteers are needed for this event:
Three people to staff the booth
Three people to: rent a truck, move equipment from SRS and the Kent container, set it up in Renton, and then after the event, return the equipment and truck
Does someone have a truck we can use?
Please contact Alexey Smirnov This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP or by August 13th if you can help. 

Dear fellow BEWBC winemakers, better halves and friends!


Thank you and congratulations to all who participated in WineFest 2017 by helping to clean up after and during activities, bringing potluck dishes, and yes, entering wines.


Many thanks to Page and Dennis Campbell for opening their home to Winefest for the countless time again this year. Without the view of the Puget sound and swimming pool WineFest just would not be the same – thanks!


Scores and overall placement tables have been posted on BEWBC.org, please have a look if you are curious how others did in your own or any category.


Many thanks to our distinguished judges

John Bell

Steve Foisie

Ed Rydbeck

Tom Ward, and

Henry Smilowicz

for sharing their time and expertise. In addition to written formal feedback of the scoring sheets, lively discussions at the potluck table offered additional insight into subjects ranging from the proper maintenance of vines, food-wine pairing (what to pair Syrah with - lam), why beer is more popular than wine in India and Mexico, and techniques of Sous-Vide.


The following feedback from the judges needs to be taken into account for the next year’s WineFest:

·      Please do not include the winemaker’s name in the title or description, as this information is visible to the judges

·      For blends, judges would like to see a list of varietals used, and % composition

·      Vintage or year for blends needs to be specified, since common perception of judges was that the wines were too young, yet better than ever

·      Syrah should be entered as a separate category since it became the second most entered category after cabs.


I would like to take this opportunity to mention the upcoming Boeing Renton Family Day, August 20th 10am to 3 pm.

BEWBC has applied for a booth at the factory, and the plan is to display all our wares from crusher-destemer(s), wine press(ses), corkers, refractometers, and whatever else we can show to a 100% potential club members who would be streaming through the factory on this day.

We need members to help load, and bring back the equipment, wo(men) the booth, and whatever else we may need to take advantage of this unique membership drive opportunity.

A separate more detailed communication on the subject is to be posted shortly.


Thank you,


Best regards and full cellars


Alexey Smirnov


BEWBC VP of wine


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