Truck Rental Options

When renting a truck from any facility except SRS, it's important to negotiate for our 27 hour day schedule to Eastern Washington to pick up grapes.  To take a truck to Eastern Washington and back to most facilities, it takes more than the standard 24 hours, but definitely less than 48 hours, so we notify them of our 27 hour schedule.  The trip is usually 400 miles long.  It is always good to take the insurance that is offered.  Try to give as much notice to the rental company as possible and plan ahead.


3413 - 4th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98134

Contact:  Austin 

 Rental Type  Access Type  Price / Day  Price / Mile  Notes
 16’ Box Truck  Lift  $95  0.24  
 3/4 ton pickup  NA  $85  0.24  First 300 miles free


Penske Truck Rental 

12840 48th Ave S. 
Tukwila, WA 98168 
Phone: (206) 246-7600

 Rental Type  Access Type  Price / Day  Price / Mile  Notes
 Cargo Van NA  $90  0.30  
 12’ Box Truck  NA $90   0.30  
 16’ Box Truck  Ramp $90  0.30  Not wide enough for 2 macrobins
 16’ Box Truck  Lift $150  0.30  Holds 2 macrobins width-wise
 22’ Box Truck  Lift  $200  0.30  Not available
 26’ Box Truck   Lift  $200  0.30  

Question regarding going over 24 hours: 
According to the person I spoke to, their system automatically charges for the next day, if you go over the 24 hour day rental. However, she said they are flexible and have the ability to adjust that.  Our experience is their grace period is 2 hours.

They are open 7am – 4pm, however they have a key drop box available 24 hours a day, so trucks can be dropped off anytime. 

Trucks are in high demand and they rarely have anything idle in the lot. I asked how far in advance reservations were being made and she said it wasn’t consistent, with some being same day, while others booked them a month in advance.


U-Haul Company

Snoqualmie Ridge Facility
35501 SE Douglas St
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
(Uhaul # 425-396-1027)

 Rental Type  Access Type  Price / Day  Price / Mile  Notes
 8’ Pickup  NA   $226  0  400 mile trip, holds 2 macrobins



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