Friday, April 15th - 7:00-9:00 pm

Larry's Brewing supply in Tukwila

(790 Andover Park E, Tukwila, WA 98188)

April Joint Meeting with the Impaling Alers

As sure as death and taxes, the 3rd Friday of the month cometh.  And nearly as sure, and much more fun, the gathering of Impaling Alers.  After paying your taxes, you will definitely need a homebrew, so come on down (or up, or sideways, ...) and enjoy!

  • Cask Beer - His Emminence, the Overpresidemporlord, has outdone himself. Have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of making and serving cask beer?  Thanks to out liege, he has got the fine folks from Machine House to come talk and give wisdom ( )
  • Beer on the Fly - Your lowly scrivener will be balancing very small pint glasses on a common housefly.  What! This just in from Justin, Beer on the Fly (TM) does not involve any insects, just beer.  New plan, I will be presenting my late hopped Bohemian Pilsner -  Saaz All.  Well, mostly Saaz, since the Saaz was stupid low alpha this year, a bit of Magnum for the 60 minute bittering charge.  A big chunk of the bittering is from late additions and a hop stand.
  • Style Sherpa - The sherpa has tuned his karma, walked his dogma and is one with the Beerverse.  Oh, and he will be presenting some British styles to match up w/the cask theme.
  • Iron Beer on the fly - Mostly beer on the fly, but there is one required ingredient.  Imperial Yeast ( ) has given us something to give away and brew with.  You have 3 guesses as to what they gave us, and the first two don't count. Ok, one hint.  Brewers make wort, _____ make beer.
  • Usual Shenanigans - announcements, milling around talking about brewing, sampling each others brew, eating some food and having a good time.  This only works if you show up and bring food and/or beer!


sean "revdembeerenjuns" drew