An Introduction to Wine Making

Sat, May 14th

10 am – 2 pm


The Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Maker’s Club (BEWBC) in coordination with Larry’s Brewing and Supply, is once again pleased offer an introduction to wine making program to be held at Larry’s Brewing and Supply in Tukwila, 790 Andover Park E, Tukwila.

This is a 4 hour program intended to introduce those interested in winemaking to the principles and processes of making wine from fruit and quality grapes. While the topic of fruit and white wine making will be discussed, the primary emphasis will be on making red wine from premium grapes.

This introduction to wine making also serves as a prelude to the Fundamentals of Winemaking Class, a two day class held later in the summer. Additional information about the Fundamentals class will be shared during this session, including cost (about $35) for the class as well as the availability of grapes.

The Introduction to Wine Making is free and open to the public.


For more information about BEWBC, please visit

or contact Larry’s Brewing Supply,  253-872-6846 and at