We had a great turnout with over 60 wines entered this year! A summary of Best in Show and category winners is provided below. Congratulations to you all!


Thank you to all those who volunteered to make this year’s event a success, from preparing and planning, to serving judges and collecting scores. It truly takes a village! 


A special thank you to Dennis & Page Campbell for once again hosting the event at their beautiful home. I’d also like to recognize Alexey & Elena Smirnova for sacrificing much of their time during the event behind a computer preparing score sheets, collecting wine scores, and generating award ribbons. Your dip in the pool was well deserved! 


We also honored Steve Foisie for 34 years of wine education.  Several commercial winemakers acknowledged Steve’s role in the success of their wineries. We presented Steve with an engraved decanter. 


I’ve received some feedback regarding the lack of comments provided by judges on the score sheets. We plan to address this next year by providing detailed instructions to the judges prior to tasting. One of the primary benefits of entering our wines into Winefest (besides the bragging rights that come with winning) is to use the judges comments to understand where we can improve the quality of our wine. I welcome any additional feedback or comments. 


Winefest 2018 Results

Best in Show

Red Wine - Larry Westerlund, 2015 Merlot, 20 pts, Gold medal

White, Rose, or Fruit Wine - Tom Wiitala, Semillion, 17.3 pts, Gold medal



Category Winners

First Name Last Name Category AVG COLOR PLACE Entry Name
Steve Foisie Table (Dry) Wine - Cab Savignon (75% or >) 16.3 SILVER 1 Cabernet Sauvignon
Larry Westerlund Table (Dry) Wine - Cab Savignon (75% or >) 15.0 SILVER 2 2013 Cab
Larry Westerlund Table (Dry) Wine - Cab Savignon (75% or >) 14.8 BRONZE 3 2015 Cab
Larry Westerlund Table (Dry) Wine - Merlot (75% or >) 20.0 GOLD 1 15 Merlot
Al Cutshall Table (Dry) Wine - Merlot (75% or >) 19.3 GOLD 2 Cutshall Cellars - Merlot2015
Dennis Campbell Table (Dry) Wine - Merlot (75% or >) 18.8 GOLD 3 2014 CDC Merlot
Mike Doherty Table (Dry) Wine - Red Blend 16.7 SILVER 1 2015 Red Blend
Steve Foisie Table (Dry) Wine - Red Blend 15.8 SILVER 2 Cabernet/Mourvedre
Larry Westerlund Table (Dry) Wine - Red Blend 15.0 SILVER 3 2014 Cab - Merlot
Mike Doherty Table (Dry) Wine - Red, other 17.7 GOLD 1 2015 Petite Verdot
Dennis Koepke Table (Dry) Wine - Red, other 17.5 GOLD 2 Petit Verdot
Charles Marquis Table (Dry) Wine - Red, other 15.8 SILVER 3 Marquis Cellars
Tom Wiitala Table (Dry) Wine - Syrah (75% or >) 17.8 GOLD 1 Wiiitala Wine Thief
Kent Westbrook Table (Dry) Wine - Syrah (75% or >) 17.5 GOLD 2 Kents 2017 Syrah
Kathryn Chalfan Table (Dry) Wine - Syrah (75% or >) 15.5 SILVER 3 2009 Stillwater Creek Syrah
Tom Wiitala Table (Dry) Wine - White / Rose 17.3 GOLD 1 Wiiitala Wine Thief
Marty  Weisman Table (Dry) Wine - White / Rose 16.3 SILVER 2 2017 Chardonnay - Portteus
Lennart Johnson Table (Dry) Wine - White / Rose 16.3 SILVER 2 Crawford Rose
Tom Wiitala Table (Dry) Wine - White / Rose 15.5 SILVER 3 Wiiitala Wine Thief


We look forward to a bigger and better Winefest in 2019!




Jon Barbour

BEWBC VP of Wine