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It's about  time for our cork order.  I have found these to be very good quality corks at very reasonable prices and most importantly, they are treated and bagged in SO2 to reduce chances of contamination to your wine.  The corks come adorned with our lovely club logo, but you can get them without the logo as well.  You can even get a personal logo for a small fee.  I paid $50 for mine many years ago, I am checking to see what the going rate is, but the BEWBC logo is really cool.  Feel free to send me an email if you have questions.


In past years if we make a total order of at least 1000 corks of any type,  ACI will bag them in lots of 50 or more.  However, since this is extra work for ACI, there has been a $5 per bag charge. Prices are TBD as well, but I would assume for the time being that they will be close to the estimates below.  I will confirm prices and bagging options with everyone that makes an order. 


Instructions for ordering corks is at the bottom of this email.


BTW;  People often ask me what I think of the corks.  I am not going to make any guarantees, but I have personally only four times had a corked bottle of wine using these corks for many years, and yes I have had several bottles of corked wine, so I know what they smell and taste like.  Lastly, I do not receive anything for ordering these corks except a yearly X-mas card sometimes (once they sent some chocolate) and the satisfaction of helping other winemakers out; which is plenty. 


I am targeting having corks in-hand by early August.  So, if you want these corks, I'll need you to respond to this email with your order by the middle of July.  That will give me time to confirm orders, request the checks, etc...  

ACI uses a proprietary boiling process to extract volatile elements from their corks, and follow that treatment with a multiple stage process which includes a peroxide wash to prevent microbiological growth, further disinfect the cork, and to eliminate aromatic components.  Once these processes have been completed, the corks are labeled, hydrated, run through a surface treatment to protect and lubricate them and then packaged in sealed bags filled with sulfite gas.

You'll see in the table below the products offered from ACI.  These corks come in two different “washes”. One is slightly darker than the other, but they’re otherwise the same cork (the darker ones just spent slightly less time in the peroxide wash cycle).  There is no benefit to the lighter wash except they are lighter so you can see the logo better.

AC-1s are the highest quality corks, followed by AC-2s and AC-3s.  For those that are interested, there are “Naturtop” corks as well. These corks have an agglomerated core, with natural cork layers on either end.  On the low end of the spectrum, there are Aglica corks, which are basically fine grained agglomerated corks.  ACI also offers corks in multiple sizes , so if you want a special order, just let me know. 


Prices are estimates and you should plan on an additional 2% for shipping.  

45 X 24mm AC-1 - $461 /1000

45 X 24mm AC-2 - $ 328 /1000

45 X 24mm AC-3 - $248 /1000

45 X 23.5mm Naturtop - $11/1000

45 X 23.5mm Aglica - $7/1000




To Order Corks:



Send me an email, by July 18th, describing the quantity (multiples of 50) of corks you want in each style.  After all the orders have been collected and any adjustments made, I will send you a confirmation email and request a check.  No orders will be made until all moneys are received.




150 45X24mm AC-1; light wash - one bag of 100 and one bag of 50

200 45X23.5 Aglica; light wash   - one bag of 200


I look forward to hearing from you,




Email address; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.