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The club is supported a devoted set of individuals.  You can get a hold of those members by looking them up in the following areas:

  • BEWBC Executive Board
    • The Executive Board is elected by the club and is responsible for carrying out the general governing and financial activities.  They handle promotion of activities, and appointments of committees in the club.  Board members include president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and major committee focals.
  • Activities and Committees
    • The Activities and Education Committee plans social, educational, and recreational events for the club.
    • The Membership Committee manages the membership roster and conducts membership drives.
    • The Communications Committee includes social media, event communication, and website support.
    • The Equipment Committee manages and maintains club equipment, the storage facility, and identifies replacement equipment.  
  • Grape Procurement Committee
    • The Grape Procurement Committee is responsible for coordinating grape procurement from vineyards.  Focals are assigned to each vineyard.