Beer News

For anyone who has ever wanted to become a certified beer judge, this is your chance to learn what it takes. Starting in August, Mark Emiley, Brandon Horn, Peter Twigg, and Tim Hayner (Master and National ranked judges) will be leading a Beer Judge Certification Program exam preparation class series held at Larry's Brewing Supply. Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings, probably starting in mid-August, leading up to an exam held on October 22nd. The classes will cover everything you need to know to learn how to do well on the exam and also simply teach you a ton about different beer styles.

The exam itself costs $50 (must be pre-paid) and each class will cost $10 which will cover materials and tasting beers. THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR THE EXAM BUT PRIORITY IS BEING GIVEN TO BEWBC AND IMPALING ALERS MEMBERS. If you do not wish to take the exam, you can still take the classes and learn a ton.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TAKING THE CLASSES OR EXAM, PLEASE CONTACT MARK EMILEY ASAP.  It is a great time and the best way to learn about how to taste beer and brew to style better. Learn to become a judge today!