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Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Makers Club

New Member Orientation

For Those Who Make and Enjoy Wine and Beer and

For Those Who Would Like To Learn How


            Congratulations, you've already completed the first step toward making better beer and wine by joining the club.  Our membership focal will help orient you to the club and take care of adding your name to our distribution lists to ensure that you are informed of all upcoming club activities.

Executive Board

            The club holds elections every year for the positions of President, Vice Presidents of Wine, Vice President of Beer, Treasurer, and Secretary.  These members, along with several focals as dictated in the Club By-laws, form the executive board which is responsible for governing and maintaining the club.  If you have any concerns or things that you can help with or would like to volunteer for a position, please contact the appropriate board member(s).  The current board members are listed in the most recent copy of "The Press."

"The Press"

            The club publishes a newsletter at the beginning of every month highlighting upcoming events, news, and other important club information.  "The Press" is distributed electronically through e-mail to those club members who provide an e-mail address and is mailed to retirees who do not use the internet.  The most recent copy of "The Press" (as well as many archived editions) is available on the club website.

Web Resources

            The club's website is http://www.bewbc.org/.  If you forget the website address, just Google "Boeing Beer" or "Boeing Wine" and it will be the first few hits.  Here we post "The Press" and any information that is publicly releasable.  This website has features which are limited to members of BEWBC and BEEWBC.  On this site we maintain proprietary club files, post photos, contact other club members, solicit information, and maintain databases.  We also use this as the primary way of contacting members so we ask for all members who wish to be contacted by e-mail to register on the site.  It may take a day or so for the webmaster to check your membership so please be patient.  We also ask for members to subscribe to the "Club News and Announcements" area in the forum.  To do this, log in, go to the forum, go into "Club News and Announcements," and click on the icon which says "Notify."  With this enabled, you will receive vital information from the board when it is posted.  We encourage you to subscribe to other forums which interest you as well.

            Upon joining the club you will be added to our e-mail distribution lists which the board (and only the board) is authorized to use for distributing time sensitive messages to the entire membership.  If you need to contact the general population, either contact the board or use the website forum to post a message.

Club Events

            The club holds monthly meetings or events.  Meetings alternate between beer and wine topics, though all members are encouraged to attend.  Meetings are usually held on the third or fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm, though dates, times, and locations may vary in accordance with the meeting.  Consult the most recent press for the latest details, meeting topics, and location.  We hold classes, tastings, lectures, socials, tours, and many other events to keep your fermenting skills honed and promote dialogue.

            In a few months of the year, other events replace normally scheduled club meetings.  The current "event" months are: July: Winefest; August: Summer Social; September: Crush; and December: Winter Holiday Party.  Look for details of these and other events in "The Press."


            The club holds several competitions throughout the year including:

Winefest:                          A two-day competition and social where wines are judged by both your peers and professional judges.

Pro-Am Competition:       A brewing competition conducted with local breweries where the breweries select winning beers to be produced on their three-barrel system and sold commercially.

Club Facilities

            The club maintains a tailer at the Boeing Employees Tennis Club location in Kent near the Space Center and a storage unit at Snoqualmie Ridge Storage for crush purposes.  Consult a board member for the current combos.   Some local homebrewing stores provide discounts for our club members if you request them (e.g., Larry's Brewing Supply, Homebrew Heaven).  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON BOEING PROPERTY.  DO NOT bring fermented products onto Boeing property.


            The club owns wine and beer making equipment which can be used by all club members.  This equipment includes presses, filters, crusher/destemmers, cider presses, grape totes, macrobins, corkers, brewing equipment, cappers, and a host of other items.  Many of these items are available for checkout at the Kent trailer or Snoqualmie Ridge storage facility by using the check-out board at the store or through reservations using on-line tools (consult a board member).  While all of this equipment is available for use, MACROBINS may only be used by vineyard focals and powered CRUSHER/ DESTMMERS are NOT to be removed from the club premises ever.   Upon checking out a piece of equipment (and establishing a return date), the equipment must be returned cleaned and in fully operational status.  If you are unaware of how to operate or clean a piece of equipment, contact the Equipment Manager or another board member for help. 


            The club maintains a collection of wine and beer books and magazines available for loan to members.  The list of available materials is maintained in the file section of the website.  Coordinate check-out with the club librarian.  The materials are held in the trailer near the Boeing Tennis Club.

Grape Procurement

            Every year the club organizes cooperative grape purchases from many premier vineyards.  The Grape Procurement Focal and Committee publish a "Grape Procurement Plan" distributed in May and update this document throughout the summer (most current documents are distributed via e-mail and published on the Yahoo Group Site).  Ordering begins in May with a priority "Open Enrollment" period.  After that time, allocations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  While some vineyards may sell out quickly, tons of grapes are available, frequently up to the day of harvest.  Keep your ears open for good recommendations and insights.  Get a hold of the current Grape Procurement Focal (as indicated in "The Press") for the current order status.

Joint Purchases

            From time to time, members may come across unique opportunities for purchasing equipment or supplies at a bulk rate.  Members are invited to alert fellow members about these opportunities through the forum and organize a group purchase. 

Other Activities

            The Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Makers Club is a club for the members, by the members.  If you have an idea and ambition, contact a board member and they will do everything in their power to help you see your idea through.  By all contributing our skills and resources, we can all get closer to making that perfect bottle of wine or beer.  Thank you for becoming a part of a Boeing tradition and welcome to our club!