Beer Events

Our top goal for the brewery selection was to provide the brewers the best beers from the competition in a format which allows them the best flexibility to pick a beer to brew within their constraints and the constraints of the GABF Pro-Am Competition.  Hence, the following guidelines were used in the selections to provide the breweries the best selection for their needs:

1. Results from the competition were not posted in a manner where brewers could figure out who the winning homebrewers were (used Brewer's IDs). 

2. The homebrewer contact information was obscured until after the selection was made.  (Recipe sheets were presented without the contact information visible).

3. Brewers were allowed to choose any beer from the competition which met the GABF Pro-Am competition entry requirements.  For GABF Pro-Am selecting breweries, the only eligible entries were ones with recipes submitted by AHA members as inidated on their entry form.  (GABF Pro-Am rules)

4. Brewers were allowed to select (or not select) a beer for any private concerns (ingredient availability, process constraints, etc.).

5. Brewers were allowed to make selections in the order in which they entered the competition.

6. Upon selection by a brewery, all of the beers brewed by the selected brewer were no longer available for selection (GABF Pro-Am guidelines dictate that only one beer from a homebrewer may be entered in the GABF) with the following exceptions: 

a. For beers selected for next year's GABF Pro-Am, all brewers were eligible applying the same entry priority scheme if necessary.

b. For beers not being brewed by a GABF submitting brewery or if a brewery wanted to brew an additional beer "recreationally", all non-selected beers from all brewers were eligible (selected beers were not eligible due to potential recipe ownership concerns).  This provides the non-submitting breweries the best selection from the remaining entries.