Beer Events

  BEWBC April Beer Membership Meetings:

(Yeah, that's right, two)

Meeting 1:

Airways Brewing Company Visit

Thursday, April 15th, 6:00 pm

Airways Brewing Company, Kent

6644 S 196th St, #T-100, Kent, WA 98032

Come celebrate being done with your taxes by coming to Kent's newest brewery, just a block North of the Kent Space Center.  We'll take a tour through the brewery, pick the brewer's brain, enjoy some fresh brews, and have a chance to do some planning for upcoming events. 

Meeting 2:

Brewing our Barrel Beer With Engine House #9

SATURDAY, April 17th from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (come at any time!)

Engine House #9, Tacoma

611 North Pine St., Tacoma, WA 98406
Phone: (253) 272-3435

The BEWBC beer makers have acquired a barrel and are going to do a partner brew with Engine House #9 in Tacoma to fill it up.  We've come up with a lambic recipe that we are going to sour with a wild blend of yeasts and microbes.  Once we've got the beer going, we can pull off portions for special bottling or blending.

On the brew day, we'll be meeting down at E-9, helping brew the beer, and then taking part of the batch home (to Brandon's house where the barrel will reside) to start fermenting directly with the bugs.  The rest will be fermented with a clean yeast at the brewery and will be picked up later to fill the barrel. 

If you are interested in being part of the barrel project or coming down for the brew day, please contact Brandon Horn and let him know.