Beer Events

The Lakewood Rotary Homebrew Festival is coming up on August 14th!  Rotary is scaling things up and has challenged us to keep up.  They're hoping to get over 400 people at the festival and its our job to get 100 kinds of beer, wine, mead, cider, and soda to serve. 
As incentive, we have the $1,000 in cash prizes, a ton of sponsored donations, and WAHA even gets a bonus.  All the proceeds benefit community projects. 
Just like last year's LRHF and the Brewer's Classic, this year's festival is out at Ski Park Lake near Orting, WA. Its a beautiful setting. Brewers are free to golf in the morning before the festival and well also have a disc golf course set up for the event.
We're going to start the homebrew competition Friday night to get some of the judging out of the way, then wrap it up Saturday before the event.  If you cant make it out to camp on Friday, you can drop two bottles off at Larrys or the Beer Essentials with the standard BJCP entry labeling by Wednesday August 11th.  The only stipulation on the competition is that all beers entered in the competition have to be served at the festival so the attendees have an opportunity to try them as well.  We ask that you have at least a gallon to share of each entry (three bottles of wine or mead).  
For serving beer at the festival, you and your wife/husband/friend/serving lackey get into the festival for free.  If you want to bring more people out or if you just want to come out and enjoy the festival, please contact the organizers.  For legal purposes this is a private event.
If you can make it out, contact the organizers and let them know what beers you'll be bringing so we can get the competition set up in advance.  And if youre interested in judging, let us know and well put you on the list. 

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