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BEWBCers, come on out for this year's Beerstock 5060-3.  It is down in Orting at Brandon Horn family's Ski Park Lake.  It'll be a great time again.  If you would like to come, RSVP with Mark Emiley and we'll get you on the guest list!!!

Here are the details:

Three years ago Beerstock 5060 was the first, legal get-together of Washington homebrew clubs to taste each other’s home brew and talk brewing across home brew club lines.  Yes, it’s like a homebrew beer fest!Thanks to the passing of Bill 5060, after July 26th, 2009 it is now legal to have this type of event for Washington homebrew club members. This year Alison & Mark have gathered a choice group of people from a variety of clubs to help organize this year’s event.  Brian is helping with emails and communications and his wife Lisa is helping with the Check-in at the event.  Nick is collecting swag that will be awarded at the event.


South of Seattle at a private Ski Park near Orting, Washington
Address:  17299 S. Pioneer Way, Orting, WA 98360
This is a beautiful, private park hidden of the road.  It’s got a grassy, clear, flat area for our event and for parking.  Plenty of room to camp (see below).  (Note: the lake is off limits during our event.)  We are thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to rent this location at an affordable rate.


-Sample other brew club member’s beer in a Beerstock taster glass & talk with brewers.
-Bring a bottle of your home brew or pour off your tap to sit down with a BJCP beer judge and discuss its merits and brewing techniques.
-Live Band - a band made up of brewers will perform for your entertainment
-Beer games, raffles and a beer quiz is available with prizes awarded
-The Great Bottle Exchange, back by popular demand
-Smell, taste and compare various hops and grains
-Brewing equipment and brewing stuff Garage Sale
-Pot Luck, bring a side dish, snacks, dessert, salad, etc.  Extra bonus points for bringing a dish made with beer.  This year we have designated a culinary specialist who will taste these dishes and choose a favorite.  (It would be helpful if you have a descriptive sign for your dish.)
-A new Beerstock t-shirt will be for sale
-BBQ will be available for purchase from Colin & Chris, as a main course - (see details below)


Each club can bring as many different brews as they’d like to share with other club’s members. It is up to each club to organize this.  You can bring beer in bottles, kegs, or whatever.  You may bring a lot or a little.  All homebrewed beverages are welcome, such as, ale, lager, mead, bragot, sours, gueuze or big hop bombs--it’s up to you.  It is not required that all attendees bring beer, but taste buds are a must.There will be one booth per homebrew club (just like last year).  Each club is responsible for their own jockey boxes and/or dispensing set-ups, signs, table, chairs, water, ice and shade tent.  It’s nice for attendees to know what beer you’re serving, so some tape and a sign is exceptionally helpful.  Please bring water for rinsing glasses, too.  There is no electricity available for the booths so bring battery powered lighting for nite-time.  Feel free to decorate your booth to suit your fancy!  There is a prize for best decorated booth.  “Best” is decided by the “whim of a madman”. 


If your club is setting up a booth, please come at 1:00 pm for set-up.  Drive in and one of the organizers will show you to the homebrew fest area and where to unload.  After you are unloaded, please move your vehicle to the parking area.  During the event (starting at) 2:00pm we want to keep a driveway open for a fire lane.  Safety first.


Please bring a side dish for the pot luck, such as, snacks, salad, vegetables or dessert. If you want to rest your haunches while you savor a brew, bring a chair.  You’ll want to bring things like sunscreen, bug spray, tent and warm cloths for the evening. Bring any water or non-alcoholic beverages you’d like to drink.  Please, bring your own rinse water.  Don’t forget to bring a bottle of beer for the Great Beer Exchange and bring items for the Brewing Garage Sale.  You may also need some cash for BBQ, t-shirts and Garage Sale Items.You will need to bring a flashlight and battery powered lighting for your booth at night.  Hint:  Ace Hardware has round, battery-powered, hanging LED lamps that illuminate a fairly wide area.  Things like this will be needed.  There will be a little light around the band, but your taps will need to be lit by you. 


This is entirely up to you and your club.  Bring as many or as few as you desire.  Last year since GEBL had so many members who wanted to bring beer, they rang a bell every few hours announcing that they are changing their taps over to new beers.    


Each attendee must be a Washington homebrew club member. 
Each club member may bring one guest. 
All attendees must be, at least, 21 years old. 


Friendly dogs are welcome at this park in Orting as long as you scoop their poop and keep them on a leash.  As owner, you are responsible for their well being and enjoyment of the event. 


At the entrance will be a sign-in booth.  You’ll need to sign a short waiver stating your club affiliation and that you are at least 21 years of age (bring yer ID).  The waivers will be placed in a fermenter and used for the raffle later in the evening.  You’ll also receive a name tag and your taster glass filled with homebrew.  We’ll collect bottles for the Great Beer Exchange at the sign-in desk.


This year Colin and Chris will be bringing their BBQ trailer! 
Slow smoked Pork and Brisket sandwiches, cooked on site, will be available for 5$ each, or two for 8$.  Each sandwich comes with a side of beans or slaw. BBQ sauces will contain beer from various local homebrewers, and they hope to have those beers available if you’d like to do a pairing.   BBQ will be available from early dinner-time to late evening.  “Happy Hour” will start at 10:00pm with brats available for 2 bucks.  They are also serving coffee for breakfast with a Farmers Casserole, bagels & cream cheese.


To keep this legal, Beerstock 5060-3  is an invitation only event that is sponsored by Washington homebrew clubs.  The first year we asked for a set amount from each club but found this not entirely fair due to the variable numbers of attendees from each club.  This year we are asking each club to collect $10.00 per person.  Your club’s Beerstock representative will collect money from members who wish to attend.  Prior to the event each club’s Beerstock.  Even though it adds confusion, we fully understand that there are always members that are on the “maybe” list.  When they check-in, we will ask them to pay their Club Rep rather than paying us.  Please try to organize this, as much as possible, ahead of time.

What will your donation get you?  We are excited to announce that we will once again have glass taster glasses with the Beerstock 5060 logo provided to all who attend!  At the suggestion of last year’s attendees, we are going to rent extra porta-potties. You’ll have lots of chances to win beer related prizes and swag.  The location fee, glasses, printing, plates, silverware, judges gifts, breakfast, etc. are all covered by the money your club sponsors.  Last year we were happy to announce that we just barely broke even, and that is the goal this year.  Any extra money will be donated to a local charitable organization or the following year’s Beerstock 5060 event.


August is usually warm and sunny so bring sunscreen, but remember to bring warm cloths for the evening.  There will be no bonfire at this event.


The band will entertain us between announcements and samplings.  They are kind enough to let us use their PA system for announcements.


Have one of your beers evaluated by 2-3 quality beer judges.  To retain an air of camaraderie this is not a competition but rather, it is a chance to learn about your beer.  We will have BJCP judges that are highly skilled in their ability to judge beer who are also happy to talk with each brewer in depth about their beer and brewing methods.  This can be both a discussion about brewing beers to-style and more importantly, about making your tasty beer even more wonderful than it already is.  Another option is to bring a bottle of a “problem beer” that could use some sage advice.You may either pour off your tap at Beerstock or bring a bottle of your beer for the judging.  Interested in being one of these judges?  Email Alison at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This is one of the new events designed to help you meet brewers from other clubs.  It was a great success last year.  Bring a bottle of your home brew or a favorite commercial beer and we’ll pair you up with a brewer from another club.  You’ll exchange bottles and tell each other about your beer and brewing method.  Anyone showing up with Bud Light will be automatically disqualified.  ha ha


The big idea behind Beerstock 5060 is to bring the members of various Washington homebrew clubs together.  As suggested, this year a few games have been created to further this mixing of club members.


Back by popular demand, this is a self-serve garage sale.  We have a specific location  where you can place your excess brewing supplies, swag or beer related items for sale.  Tape an envelope to each item with the price, your name & your full address written on it.  The purchaser will put the money in the envelope and place the envelope in the slot of a large, heavy, wooden box, and take their purchase to their car.  After dinner, we’ll have a last call for the garage sale and pass out the envelopes to their rightful owners.  If leaving early, ask one of the organizers to give you your envelopes as you leave.  (Must show ID to gather your envelope.)


You are more than welcome to camp.  This is a large park with beautiful, flat, green lawns for camping.  Don’t forget your flashlight!  If you think you might be camping, let your club rep know, so he/she can inform us.  We need a fairly accurate count for planning the camping area and breakfast.  A light breakfast is provided, compliments of Beerstock. A more substantial breakfast will be available at the BBQ trailer.  Great news!  There is room for camper trailers this year.  A volunteer at the entrance will tell you where to park.


Please, carpool--it’s good for the environment, and will make more room for booths and tents.


South of Seattle at a Ski Park near Orting, Washington
Address:  17299 S. Pioneer Way, Orting, WA 98360


If your club is interested in participating, please contact
Brian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can put you on the list.BEERSTOCK 5060-3, August  6, 2011