Beer Events


Meeting: Friday, Sept 18th, 7:00 pm
Aye, since the early mid-1800's (give or take a few years), the venerable Alers have been meeting at Larry's in Kent, Wa.  But a new age of world domination is upon us as the Impaling Alers are now meeting at Larry's in Tukwila (790 Andover Park E, Tukwila, WA 98188). Such a bold, daring move is rare among history.  So come make history and attend the first meeting in the new location.  Also, make beer and food and bring that too.
We haven't had a club meeting in town for a few months, so we are long overdue for a full gathering of the Alerati.  And while I am occasionally prone to a wee bit of hyperbole, trust me, I am being a master of understatement in all the following ...
  • Iron Brewer - the brewers have had a couple of months to perfect their offerings of liquid genius and you will want to tasted these delectable delights. And you will definitely want to take part in the next round, I have seen first hand the secret ingredient(s) and I am giddy. This will be an epic iron brew to be ready in time for the winter warmer meeting in November. 
  • Style Sherpa - Knock knock.  Who's there? A ton of strong Belgians so open up!!!  OK, so I will work on better intros, but it will be tough to have a better style.  After a few months of irregular meetings without our profligate Sherpa spending us to oblivion, we should be able to afford this style.
  • Speaker on a topic - Yeast!
  • Featured brewery - Most likely there will be one?
  • Novembeerfest recruitment - In addition to our onerous $20 a year for dues (I know, way freakin' cheap), we fund club activities with this competition. so be prepared to enter a ton of great beer and help out by judging, stewarding and bottle sorting and ... (details in another email).