Beer Events


September 16, 2016 - 7:00

Larry's Brewing supply in Tukwila

(790 Andover Park E, Tukwila, WA 98188)

For those of you keeping score at home, this Friday is the 3rd Friday of the month.  Which can only mean one thing, the fourth Friday is a week after that.  But, more importantly, it is also when the Alers meet!  So let's get together, because we haven't had a regular meeting since June with Beerstock and camping.

The main event is a Beer Beauty Competition. We will supply a very simple score sheet and assign you an entry # (should you be Aler enough to enter). 

  • Brewers - The brewers will give a brief description of why their beer is beautiful when we start.  The brewer can serve their own beer or leave and taste others to judge, however, you won't be around to answer questions if you're out tasting. We will hand out a form (see attached, or pre-fill out and bring to the meeting).  We tend to have 30-50 folks at a meeting, so 30-50 ounces of beer is needed.  One entry per brewer.  It can be kegged or bottled or put in mason jars or ...
  • Judges- Everyone can be a judge.  Please fill out one sheet (see attached) for each beer you taste.  Just put the entry # at the top and one score sheet per judge per entry (yes, it is King County, I have to say this ...).  You can turn the forms in one at a time or hold on to them and adjust scores as you taste other beers. Scoring instructions below
    • Aroma - does it match the description and do you like it?  This is a beauty competition! 1-10 points
    • Taste - does it match the description and do you think it is awesome?  This is a beauty competition!! 1-10 points
    • Mouthfeel/Appearance - does it match the description and do you think it pint-worthy?  This is a beauty competition!!! 1-5 points
    • Overall Beauty - Smash or trash!  If you love it 5 points, not your thing 1 point.  1-5 points.
  • Overpresidemporlord - His Eminence or his appointed lackees will tally the scores.  In addition to bragging rights there will be some prizes for the top 3 average scores.  The mighty one will not accidentally announce the wrong winner either.

And also, much much much more:

  • the Style Sherpa will be presenting on Oktoberfest/Marzen
  • pleas  for help for the Joint Novembeerfest Puget Sound Pro-Am competition
  • Iron Brewer!  Yeah, two competition in one day, a double header if you will, and well, even if you won't.

So bring your beer to share and/or to put in the beauty contest!  And bring food to share too. And have a great time!!!