Wine Events


Please join us this upcoming Tuesday after Labor Day to taste some wine, discuss harvest preparation and other winemaking topics, and for some "Ask Brad & Steve" time.  Please RSVP and let us know if you'd like to bring a wine to share with the group. 
Date: Tuesday September 5th
Where: Michael Florentino Cellars, 19501 144th Ave NE C, Woodinville, WA 98072 
What:  “Winemaker’s Roundtable & Tasting” with Steve Foisie & Brad Sherman (Michael Florentino Cellars winery) ... and general winemaking Q&A
The focus will be on winemaking discussion and wine tasting related to winemaking topics.  The plan is to cover topics such as (still evolving):

  • Harvest Preparation & other winemaking topics with Steve Foisie
  • Wine tasting to illustrate certain winemaking aspects & decisions – both commercial and clubmember; For example:
    • Home Cab Sauv adjusted 29 Brix to 23.5 Brix (plus acid adjusted) - does that "dilute" the wine? plus tips and techniques of making adjustments
    • CA &/or N.Rhone Syrah fermented 100% whole cluster - what character do the stems contribute?  what varietals are compatible with some % whole cluster?
    • Indigenous yeast fermentation - TBD commercial wine(s)
    • Using saccharomyces & non-saccharomyces (i.e. "wild") blended yeast strains (such as "Melody")
    • Any clubmember examples out there that show the effects of a certain yeast strain you like?  the effects of a hot or cold fermentation?  etc. 
    • plus others ...
  • Winemaking Q&A with Brad S & Steve F (and others)
  • Bring your wine to share and ask “what would you do differently?” or “what’s up with that?”  or “check this out - I did X in the winemaking”

A great chance to get your game plan together for harvest!!!  Here's that RSVP again: