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Grape orders are very low this year.  Dangerously low.  As a result, we are at risk of losing sources permanently - even a couple of our "top" sources.
Because of this - we are requesting people to get their orders in and will count orders by April 2rd as "Open Enrollment orders”.  Otherwise ASAP.
A couple of top sources to consider where we are below their minimum requirement:
Corvus - Cab Sauv
Red Mountain Vineyard - Merlot
Also - while no minimum has been specified, we are at risk with our Oregon Chard and Pinot Noir vineyard given this is a new source for us


If you are making wine this year please do not delay with the belief that "there is no hurry - the grapes I'm buying won't sell out".  In many cases there actually is a hurry because if we don't get our orders in when the vineyards want them and at a reasonable quantity -- then some will drop us.  Especially when they want to know what to set aside for us in March -- if our ask is too small, then they move on from us.
Open enrollment was originally intended to provide a fair way of dealing with shortages when our demand was so high.  At this time - the main driver for Open Enrollment is to align our ordering with the vineyards business needs.  Please align your planning and ordering with this so that we as a club can maintain the variety and diversity of sources we have within our portfolio.
Also - to further align our ordering with vineyard's needs and to try to focus our business with key vineyards, we are seeking to always have a minimum (total) order for a varietal be at least 300#s.  Some exceptions include blending grapes that are purchased in smaller quantities.  If you place an order less than 300#s (and there are no other orders), then you may be asked to move your order to another vineyard.  It might just be enough for us to maintain a vineyard like the one above.  And the 100 or 200# total order doesn't do much for a vineyard - given the logistics and that they usually deal in tons or acres ... not one to two hundred pounds.  But when we pool together these orders ... we are good business for the vineyard and remain so for the long term.
With ordering so low, we will be losing vineyards -- so we are just trying to pool our resources most strategically to keep the vineyards that are in our best interest to keep.

You are still welcome to order after Open Enrollment, and if the vineyard provides enough grapes, you will still be able to get them.  But the sooner you order, the better it supports our relationships with the vineyards.