Wine Events

Joe Mirowski, our Equipment Focal, organized the cleanup.  Thaks very much, Joe.  He writes:

SRS Clean Up Aug 2019

Another successful clean up just in time for the grapes to come in. Thanks to all the people who helped with the clean-up I counted 11 total. We started at 10 AM and were done by 11:20 AM Amazing Team.

We cleaned, and or tested:

·         All gray bins

·         New destemmer 

·         Generator (ran it dry after)

·         Lights 

·         Power washer

Kathryn is going to refill the fuel tank and bring it back before the first crush. She said she was going to add stabilizer to it to.  [Please note, I brought fuel but no stabilizer so the first people to use it, please bring fuel stabilizer and let Joe know. - kmc]

I set up some shelves from the Kent Storage facility so the storage is a lot more organized. Mike Doherty took lots of pictures.


·         BLEACH. DO NOT bring or use bleach on anything related to wine. Please if you know of anything in the SRS that was cleaned with bleach let me know (emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so we can try to decontaminate it. I am not interested in who brought it, I will not spread names. Please only clean with five star PBW Brew cleaner or Sanitizer which we have in the storage.

·         WINE FOCALS: we noticed on the New Destemmer grapes were in the hose fitting that directly connects to the machine at the reducer. Please when cleaning remove all hose clamps and wash out thoroughly last year we were told we do not need to do this, we do. Mike took a picture after it was cleaned.  

·         We also removed about two trash cans of stuff that has been left in the storage.

As a reminder to all please don’t leave things at the storage facility hoping people will find it useful? We have limited space if something is brought in it buries the important stuff then we have to move it out of the way to get to the equipment.