Wine Events

The WA State Fair Amateur Wine, Beer and Specialty Beverage Competition is On!

Many of you have likely heard that after missing 2020 The Washington State Fair is back on for 2021! We're excited to announce this also includes the Amateur Wine, Beer and Specialty Beverage Competition! It also means we need judges and stewards to help!

During the pandemic a lot of people had a lot of time at home. We're hoping that means we'll have a lot of entries in competition. It's always hard to know how many entries we'll have and therefore how many judging teams we'll need.  

Judging this year will be on Sunday August 15th. We try to get going early, 9 am so that we can finish by lunch time or shortly afterwards. If you are interested in judging this year let me know.  

Cheers! Leann Stacey
Puget Sound Amateur Wine and Beermakers Club