Wine Events


We held March Madness at Brad Sherman's Florentino Winery, SODO location.  Brad is a BEWBC alum and has shown great generosity in hosting many BEWBC events at his two locations in Woodinville and SODO.

March Madness is a very popular club event.  The wines are blind judged informally - it's what you like.  No Davis twenty-point scoring sheets.  We engage our tablemates in conversation, including but definitely not limited to the wines in our glasses.  This conversation helps us become more aware of our individual palates, and helps us become more critical evaluators of wines.  Since no one is explaining the wines, as we do in other club events, we're on our own to figure out what we are tasting.  If you missed it this year, please watch for March Madness 2023.

Our BEWBC President, Mike Doherty, says:  I was extremely please with all the entries and while not everyone could make it to the final four, the fact that we had two BEWBC member wines make it to the final four was impressive.   The commercial winner, which was Erica Orr’s Stillwater Creek 2020 Grenache, was an impressive wine.  Our BEWBC member wine medal winners included both Laraine Volpe’s 2016 Foxtrot Syrah and Jonathan Lyons 2018 Pinot.   These wines were both excellent and show that our club produces wines that can compete against commercial wine makers!


2022 MarchMadness Bracket