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Harvest 2022 Forum

Have you ever wondered how grapes are ripening in the vineyards during harvest?  Have you ever needed to coordinate equipment?  The BEWBC website has a forum for that called "Harvest 2022".  All club members are invited to subscribe and contribute to the "Harvest 2022" forum.

The forum is like a club bulletin board for harvest happenings this year.  Anyone is welcome to share news and photos.  Sharing news like when different varietals are getting ready to pick, brix or pH levels, trips to vineyards, coordinating macrobins, or extra equipment you'd like to share can be beneficial to everyone.

Subscribing is easy and you'll get updates to the forum in your email.

First, login to using your username and password.

How to navigate to the forum:
    1. Navigate to

How to subscribe:
    1. Navigate to the forum at
    2. Click the Action dropdown under the "Harvest 2022" title. Choose Subscribe.
    3. Look for emails from Kunena in your mailbox. They will have "Kunena Harvest 2022" in the subject line. Make sure these emails aren't filtered out or stuck in your junk folder.

How to contribute:
    1. Navigate to the forum at
    2. Under the discussion, click the Action dropdown and choose Reply. Type your response and add pictures if you'd like. Click the Submit button to post your reply.