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A former winemaker is selling a bunch of their equipment. Here’s what is available:

  • Seguin  Gobain 750 mL bottles, unused in original boxes. Bordeaux and of Burgundy.
  • Assortments of food grade plastic fermenters with covers
  • 5 gal glass carboys
  • 3 tube bottle filler
  • Sold Corking machine
  • Sold Large capacity apple/fruit press
  • pH meter
  • Chemetrics Titrets (sulfite tests)
  • Cleaning equipment, etc.

Pretty much everything needed for large scale home winemaking, other than a crusher / stemmer. Also have 4 European oak barrels available. I consider them no longer suitable for winemaking use, but they might be rebuilt/reconditioned by someone ambitious.

If there’s interest in some or all of this equipment, please contact Bruce Thompson for additional details.

Bruce Thompson


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