Wine News


Chandlers Reach Vineyard (CRV) Update. For CRV fruit buyers we received approval from the vineyard for our current orders (we have a total of 6,600 lbs of fruit purchases at this time). The vineyard has also established the pricing for all CRV fruit at last years price of $1.35 per pound for all varietals (of course there will be the additional Club surcharges and transportation costs added to this base fruit price). It's time to start thinking and preparing for the upcoming season. I will be sending out buyer notices soon for payment. George Cooper CRV Vineyard Focal Point.

Corvus Vineyards.  We currently have 4800 pounds of Cabernet Sauvignon on order and can accommodate up to 6000 pounds. If you have an interest in ordering Corvus fruit, please contact Steve Foisie before placing an online order. No other varietals are available from this vineyard at this time. The 2016 vintage is receiving outstanding reviews. Steve Foisie (smfoisie@gmail)

2017 Vintage Update - How are our grapes doing? For those curious about how the 2017 WA State vintage compares to previous vintages go to: