Winemaking Info

We’re less than a month away from the beginning of the 2015 vintage and with the grapes ripening at an accelerating rate it iis time to seriously assess your plans, equipment, and supplies.

Plan. Map out a plan that organizes the grapes you’ve ordered and from this estimate the equipment (primaries, carboys, hoses, etc) and supplies you’ll need. Prepare your 2015 Vintage binder and print out new fermentation logs

Equipment. Check all of your equipment to be sure you have enough for the volume of grapes ordered. Make sure it is absolutely clean of debris contaminants and then give it a thorough sanitization. (See the sanitation presentation in member’s only Winemaking Info drop-down tab

If you have a pH meter order fresh buffer solutions, replaced the batteries, and make sure the meter functions properly.

Supplies. Make a list of what expendables you will require to be successful this vintage and purchase these now. You’ll save yourself a lot of running around, frustration and stress having all you need in hand at the time of harvest.

The list should include – but not limited to -- the following:

  • Yeast culture (estimate at least 10 grams/100# of grapes)

  • Yeast nutrient (i.e., Go-Ferm, Fermaid-K, DAP

  • ML Bacteria

  • Sulfite

  • Sanitizing solution (Star-San, Triple San, or equivalent)

  • Tartaric acid

  • Enzymes if you use them

  • Oak alternatives if you use them


Grapes. If you haven’t ordered grapes by now you may be too late for some vineyards. Contact the grape focal and get your order in this week!


Stay Tuned! Within the next few weeks, I will be postings additional important information about preparing for the new vintage including information on adjusting high Brix musts and calculating nutrient additions. These will be in the members only “Winemaking Info” drop-down tab.

And let me know if you have any questions.

Steve Foisie