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The WAHA is continuing to have technical problems with updating theirwebsite so it is time for another summary of what's going on in Washington homebrewing.  We hope to have our site back running soon at   We appreciate your patience.  There is A LOT of information in this message but as an overview we'll be covering:

  • 1. Mead and Cider Judging Clinic - July 18th
  • 2. Washington Mead and Cider Cup - August 15th
  • 3. Evergreen State Fair - August 3rd
  • 4. SB 5060 Going into Effect July 26th
  • 5. BREW BASH - August 1st
  • 6. Beerstock 5060 - August 15th
  • 7. Lakewood Rotary Homebrew Festival - August 29th
  • 8. National Homebrewers Conference Participation
  • 9. Upcoming BJCP Exam - November 14th
  • 10. Puget Sound Pro-Am Results
  • 11. WHOTY Standings
  • 12. Other competitions

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Mead and Cider Judging Clinic

On Saturday July 18th, 2009, The Washington Homebrewer's Association will hold a Mead & Cider Judging Clinic.  This will be an opportunity for judges not familiar with these unique and interesting styles to learn about them and how to evaluate them in preparation for the 2009 Washington Mead & Cider Cup in August.  The focus will be on sensory attributes and identifying flaws.

We will meet at Big Al Brewing in White Center, 9832 14th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106,, at 9:00 am on Saturday, July 18th for approximately 3 hours wrapping up at about 12:30.  (No reason to leave early though, the tasting room is open at 1 pm!

Please RSVP to Tim Hayner via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the following survey link

Either method is great.  We are asking for a donation of $3-$5 to help cover the costs of mead, cider and other materials.

We encourage all judges to participate.  We have arranged with the BJCP to have all ranked judges participating receive CEP credit for this event.  Please contact Tim Hayner with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tim Hayner

Washington Mead and Cider Cup

The Washington Homebrewers Association is sponsoring a mead and cider only competition to help encourage developing experience in making and judging meads and ciders.  The competition will be held August 15th, 2009 with entries being due by August 12th.  The competition will be held at Larry's Brewing Supply.  For complete details on the competition, visit the site:  

Entry Fee: $7 per entry - Checks made payable to Larry's Brewing Supply
2 10-12 oz or 1 750 mm corked or capped bottle per entry
Entries Due:
July 27th - - August 12th, 2009
Mail to / Drop Off:
Larry's Brewing Supply
7405 S 212th St. #103
Kent, WA 98032

Evergreen State Fair (passed on from Eric Wilson)

The Homemade Beverage department at the 2009 Evergreen State Fair accepts amateur entries of homemade beer, mead, cider, wine, liqueurs and cordials, and soda pop. There is no entry fee. Our entry days at the Fairgrounds in Monroe are Sunday, August 2, from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Monday, August 3, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Entries can also be sent directly to the superintendent, as described in the department handbook.

Beer, mead and cider entries are judged per BJCP guidelines. The competition is BJCP sanctioned and is a WAHA award qualifier competition. Homebrew clubs are encouraged to participate. A Club of the Year plaque is presented to the club with outstanding member participation each year. Judging is completed before the Fair begins and display bottles and results will be available for viewing at the Evergreen State Fair from August 27 to September 7. The 2009 Fair theme is "Go Extreme, Go Evergreen."

Volunteers are also needed for stewarding on judging days, and for helping in the department during the Fair. You are compensated for this with entry and parking tickets for the 2009 Fair.

All rules and requirements are in the Department G Handbook at the following URL:  

You can create a personal profile and electronically pre-enter your entries with ShoWorks at the following URL:  

A map and directions to the Fairgrounds are on the Fair's web site at the following URL:  

Please feel welcome to contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Clarification of 2009 Handbook: Each entrant may supply a display bottle for each item entered. Each entrant must supply, at a minimum, one (1) labeled, capped or corked display bottle (empty, or full of water) or one (1) display bottle label (the department will apply the label to a clean 22oz beer bottle or 750ml wine bottle, as appropriate). Display label should include entrant's name, city, and home brew club, if a member of a club.  All display bottles are eligible for Creative and Best Presentation awards and must be suitable for display during the Fair.

Eric J. Wilson
ESF O/C Homemade Beverages
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Senate Bill 5060 Going into Effect

On Sunday, July 26th, Senate Bill 5060 will go into effect.  You will be able to legal remove homemade beer and wine from your house to enjoy in private settings.  While a few larger events are being planned, you can easily celebrate by grabbing a keg or bottle, heading to your neighbor's house, and having a great beer-b-que with the community.  Teach your neighbors about the joy of homebrewing first hand. 

We've talked to the LCB about their perspectives on having homemade beer or wine around and here are the main things to remember:

  • 1. Keep it private - no "public" serving
  • 2. No permit is required (banquet permits do not cover this so as long as it is private, you should be okay).
  • 3. Don't serve it in a place that has a liquor license (this is true just about everywhere in the country, homebrew just isn't covered by their licenses)

With those things in mind, here are some private events that are coming up where you can celebrate.

BREW B.A.S.H. (Yakima - message passed on from Chad Roberts)

Brewers Assembling and Sharing Homebrew - First Annual

It's going to be on Saturday, August 1st, starting at 2:00 pm. All northwest brewers are welcome, home or otherwise. As the law requires, all attendees must be a member of some homebrewing club, or be a brewer bringing a brew to share. 

Everyone should bring their own chairs and tables if they want them, and of course their own tapping equipment should they need it.  

People are encouraged to bring any equipment they no longer use, for trade or sale. 

Entry is $5 and all pre-sells and early sales will get an etched pint glass, as long as they last past the RSVPs.

There will be a BB-Queue, so anyone can bring meat, or a grill too if they like. Everyone is welcome to bring a dish they would like to share as well. 

Staying late or camping is welcomed, for safe and responsible drinking. It's on an acre of land in Yakima County, in East Selah.

The two local homebrew clubs will be there, and the event is aimed at fostering a homebrew community in the Central Washington area as a whole. All other Washingtonian brewers are invited as well.

If you are interested please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Chad S. Roberts


Beerstock 5060 (message passed on from Alison Sheafor-Joy)

Curious about what other brewers in Washington are brewing?  Come to Beerstock 5060-on of the first legal brewfests for Washington homebrewers.

So far we've got 7 clubs who have expressed interest in attending:  Beer Renegades of Everett Washington, North Seattle Brew Club, Cascade Brewers Guild, Greater Everett Brewers League, Bare-Knuckled Brewers, the Impaling Alers, and West Sound Brewers. 

If any of the other clubs are interested, please let us know.  The number of club participants will determine the amount we need pitched in to cover costs.  We are working hard to keep the cost to a minimum.

Each attendee must be a club member or club member's spouse/partner and at least 21 years of age.  All attendees will need to bring a tasting glass, a pot-luck dish (main course provided) and any non-alcoholic beverages they would like to consume.  Chairs and camping gear are both welcomed and optional. 

Car pool if possible.  Near-by hotels are available: Arlington Motor Inn 360-652-9595, Quality Inn  360-403-7222, Medallion Hotel 360-657-0500.


Beerstock 5060 starts at 2:00pm August 15, 2009 and continues 'til the last bottle falls (3410 Stanwood Bryant Rd. Arlington, WA  98223).
-Sample other brew club member's beer & talk with other brewers.
-We will toast and honor those who helped write and pass Bill 5060.
-Bring a bottle of your home brew, sit down with a beer judge and discuss its merits.  (not a competition)
-We are holding a free raffle for those in attendance.
-A pot luck dinner will be held around the bon-fire with pulled pork sandwiches provided.  (Extra bonus points for bringing a dish made with beer.)

-There will be beer games, such as, horseshoes, croquet and identify that hop.  All games can be played with one hand, so the other hand is free to hold a beer.
-Fill out a difficult yet humorous beer quiz.  Prizes will be awarded during or after dinner.
-There will be a used brewing equipment garage sale.  Bring what you want to sell and bring a list of what you need.
-Lots of space for camping or rolling out a sleeping bag in the new barn. 

Hoppy Brewing,


Lakewood Rotary Homebrew Festival (message passed on from Brandon Horn)

We are proud to announce the 1st Annual Lakewood Rotary Homebrew Festival on Saturday, August 29th!  We will have over $1000 in cash prizes for homebrewers, other prizes donated by local businesses, and many fun events throughout the day to enjoy.  All homebrewers are invited to camp out after the festival so we don't have to pack up and head home that night. 

If you bring five gallons of beer to share, you get in for free and can enter in the competition.  Each additional five gallons you bring gets another person in.  We need to get at least 50 kegs (or equivalent in bottles) of beer and our goal is to get 100, so start brewing!  We still have eight weeks before the festival so there's plenty of time to get some fresh batches brewed up.  We are also looking to get some wine, cider, mead, root beer, and other non-alcoholic drinks on hand to give people some variety. 

This is a private event so we can't post it publicly.  But whoever brings five gallons of beer to share can invite more people.  Admission is $25 in advance, $30 at the event, and $5 for designated drivers.

Check out the website for more information: or RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know that you're coming and what you'll be bringing. 

More info will be posted as we work out all the details.  Cash will be paid out for at least 10 categories so there are a lot of ways to win.  We have high hopes for this event and hope you will join us in making the first year a great success!

- Team LRHF

National Homebrewers Conference

The Washington Homebrewers Association is back from representing strong at the National Homebrewers Conference held in Oakland.  We brought down a bar, served beers through cappuccino machines with hops and coffee, had about 29 kegs down there, served in the hospitality suite, presented our decoction brews, served Jim Brischke's awesome salmon dip, and had an awesome time.  You can see photos of our experiences on our Facebook site at:

We are working on getting ready for bringing the conference to Washington.  We will need lots of help when the time comes.  To get involved, contact Tom Schmidlin.


Congrats to everyone who took the BJCP exam on February 28th.  We are anxiously looking forward to everyone getting their scores and growing our judging pool in Washington.  Welcome to the BJCP family and we look forward to seeing you soon at upcoming competitions to start building your points!

We are scheduling another exam for November 14th for another round of new judges and a retake opportunity for current judges!  Talk to your club members about organizing a study group.

Puget Sound Pro-Am Results

The Puget Sound Pro-Am is complete and in the record books.  The competition drew 300 entries for the first time in Washington history and resulted in 13 beers being brewed by local breweries.  It also raised close to $1200 to help support WAHA.  Here are the results.


1st Place: Steve Milnes's "Kolsch" 
2nd Place: Mark Trent's "Valle de Oro" (Belgian Specialty Ale)
3rd Place: Mike & Steve Brown's "Caber Toss" (Strong Scotch Ale) 
Honorable Mention: Jeff O'Neal's "The Kind" (Classic Rauchbier) 

Pro-Am Qualified Selections:
Baron Brewing Company - Joel Pratt's "Goat Roper Scotch Ale", Strong Scotch Ale 
Big Al Brewing - Mike & Steve Brown's "Caber Toss", Strong Scotch Ale 
Big Time Brewery and Alehouse - Ryan Hilliard's "Pale Ale", American Pale Ale
Diamond Knot Brewery - Eric Surface's "Vader-Ade", Schwartzbier
Elliott Bay Brewery - James Golovich's "American Barleywine 2007", American Barleywine (selection made in 2008 PSPA)
Elysian Brewing Company - Mark Joy's "Pucker Puss", Wood Aged Beer
Flyers Restaurant and Brewery - Mark Emiley's "Formico", Foreign Extra Sout
Issaquah Brewhouse - Nathan Zorich's "Rochefontaine's 9", Belgian Dark Strong
Ram Restaurant and Brewery (Lakewood) - Steve Milnes's "Golden Strong", Belgian Golden Strong
Rock Bottom Brewery - Bellevue - Colin Lenfesty's "From Belgium, Wit Love", Witbier 
Rock Bottom Brewery - Seattle - Tim Hayner's "No Spit Wit", Witbier
Snipes Mountain Brewing Company - Karl Vanevenhoven & Derry Jefferis's "American Pale Ale", American Pale Ale

"Recreational" Selections:
Baron Brewing Company - Alison Sheafor-Joy's "Tangy Mole Brew", Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
Powerhouse Restaurant and Brewery - Jim Brischke's "Fairly Common", California Common

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success.  Check the Pro-Am website for details on the releases throughout the summer  and get ready for next year's competition (

WHOTY Standings

After the Puget Sound Pro-Am and the Cascade Brewers Cup, here are the current top ten WHOTY standings:



Mike & Steve Brown


Will Fredin


Steve Milnes


James Brischke


Mark Emiley


Tim Hayner


Paul Cervenka


James Golovich


Jeff Rea


Darron Sullivan


The next WHOTY point qualifier is the Evergreen State Fair followed by Novembeerfest so get your entries ready.

Other competitions

The summer season means a lot of fairs as well as some other homebrewing competition opportunities.  Check the BJCP calendar for the current list (

A new competition coming out this year is the Seattle Weekly Home Brew Competition where the winning beer will be brewed at a local brewery.  Entries are due August 15th.  You can find more details at:

Thanks for your patience with the website.  We hope to have it fixed shortly so you can check in for the latest happenings!


Your Washington Homebrewers Association