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First Round of National Homebrewers Competition in Seattle

In 2010, Seattle will be hosting the first round of the National Homebrewers Competition for the Northwest Region.  There is nothing like home field advantage (no damaging shipping and an understanding of local judge palates) so we are encouraging as many Washington brewers to prepare some great entries in preparation.  The competition will be held in early April at a location in the Puget Sound and we will be looking for as many judges as possible to make plans to judge that weekend.  We are also looking into helping hook up out of state judges with local homebrewers willing to host them for a night.  Regardless, we want people to get involved!  Tim Hayner and Mark Emiley will be working to run the show and you can contact them with any ideas or help that you are willing to contribute.  Help us make our hosting of the Northwest qualifiers of the National Homebrewers Conference a success!

National Homebrewers Conference Package Preparation

The Washington Homebrewers Association is working to assemble a bid package for bringing the National Homebrewers Conference to Washington.  Tom Schmidlin has been working hard to bring together all of the information necessary to prepare our bid.  Now that we have our laws changed, the doors are open for our bid.  Tom and Mark recently toured convention centers and hotels trying to figure out the best arrangements for the conference.  When the time comes, we will need plenty of people to help run this historic event.  If you want to be a part of our preparations for the NHC, please contact Tom Schmidlin and let him know how you'd like to help!

2010 National Homebrewers Conference Registration Open

The 32nd annual National Homebrewers Conference will be held June 17-19, 2010 in Minneapolis at the Sheraton Minneapolis South.  The National Homebrewers Conference is a fun, educational gathering designed to enhance homebrewers´ brewing skills and knowledge and increase homebrewing camaraderie. Special seminars and events cater to beer enthusiasts and amateur brewers of every level.  As Washington prepares to host the conference in an upcoming year, we encourage all brewers to attend this exciting event every year.  You can find all of the information you need about the conference at:  For those of you who are ready to register, we encourage you to register under your club name as well as the Washington Homebrewers Association to help show your support for the alliance we have found in our state.