Beer Events


November Beer (well Cider) Meeting – Ciders

Wednesday, November 14th, 6:30 pm

Mark Emiley's house, Federal Way (e-mail Mark for the address)

We promised you a cider meeting so you are going to get one.  Mark recently took a trip through cider country in France and wants to share a bit of his experience.  In November we'll meet up to talk about bit about cider making and in particular about French ciders.  We'll taste through a variety of ciders and discuss this unique profile.  If you have a cider you've been working on, bring down a bottle.  We can give you some feedback and help you enter it in the upcoming Washington Mead and Cider Cup.  Afterwards we'll plan out some ideas for the beer side of the club for 2013.  So come on down to Mark's house (e-mail Mark for the address) on Wednesday, November 14th and enjoy some nice tart cidery goodness.

Please RSVP Online so we can let you know if we end up changing the location to accommodate the group and so we can get enough cider.

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