Beer Events


Beer Meeting with the Impaling Alers

Friday, Jan 15th - 7:00-9:00 pm

Larry's Brewing supply in Tukwila

(790 Andover Park E, Tukwila, WA 98188)

January Joint Meeting with the Impaling Alers

  • E-flippen-lections (for the Alers) - What makes our club great is our members - great brewers and excellent tmeitic vo-freakin-cabulary. And those members that step up and make stuff happen each year as officers are richly rewarded.  Not just with free dues, but with helping shape our club now and in the future.  Also, be present or be President!  Pack out Larry's, they got the space.  I will send the job descriptions in a separate email ...
  • FeBr - Iron Brewer (easily twice as cool as Iron Bromide which clocks in at 215.65 g/mol and boils at 1,701°F) is on!  I believe Simpsons Golden Naked Oats and, umm other grains were required.  I really should write this stuff down...  Oh, and be prepared to show your valor and brewing skills and take on the winner!  For those about to brew, we salut you, or salud you or ... Prost!
  • Style Sherpa - His mysticalness will provide his last offering, so be prepared to receive and be the next sherpa. Channeling Ramtha and knowing the Dali Lama are optional.
  • Cask Ales - Bill Arnott from Machine House Brewing will talk on cask ales. No lie, two of my top ten most memorable beers ever have been cask ales by Alers (shout out to Robb Wick and Dan O'Leary).  There is an undeniable magic at work in a cask ale served fresh.
  • News- ZOMG! There is waay too much going on mind blown.  I will highlight here and follow up w/individual emails to make finding infoz easier.
    • JBLM Brewfest - 2/26 4:30pm to 10:30pm at JBLM.  The Alers blew this into another dimension last year with ridiculous quantities of great fermented liquids. Expecting about 450 folks.
    • PNW Conference - 3/4-3/5 in Vancouver, WA.  1st ever.  Inaugurate this inaugural event ales and aleducation and 1st round of NHC. 
    • Belgian Fest - 1/30/16
  • Food, Fermentations and Fellow brewers - bring your food, fermented fun and talk about brewing, evaluate, suggest, ask, ...

Next Month

  • H2O chemistry - Tom Schmidlin of Postdoc Brewing Company will present on water chemistry and answer questions next month.  Please send your questions to the overpresidemporlord ASAP so Tom can prepare thoughtful answers.


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