Beer Events


Beer Meeting with the Impaling Alers

Friday, Feb 19th - 7:00-9:00 pm

Larry's Brewing supply in Tukwila

(790 Andover Park E, Tukwila, WA 98188)

February Joint Meeting with the Impaling Alers

The 3rd Friday is upon us, so let the Alerati gather and share brews, info and good times.

  • Topic - Water chemistry.  Even though this stuff falls out of the sky on an annoyingly frequent basis, it is generally quite mysterious to most brewers, despite being upwards of 90% of the final product. So come get edumacated or help by lending your erudition.
  • Beer on the fly – an experimental IPA, taste and provide feedback
  • Style Sherpa - Barleywine! Need I say more.  Nope, but I will: eat a hearty dinner!
  • Announcements - Novembeerfest coordination, JBLM, PNW Conference, NHC bottle sort/judging/stewarding, secret results of the Aler officers clandestine gathering, ...

So bring down your brew to share, especially if you have a Barleywine.  Bring food and bring beer for the events (see previous email).


sean "skrybasauruswrecks" drew