Beer Events


Friday, March 18th - 7:00-9:00 pm

Larry's Brewing supply in Tukwila

(790 Andover Park E, Tukwila, WA 98188)

March Joint Meeting with the Impaling Alers

Madness marches on, but we brewers are relaxing,having a homebrew and going to a gathering of the Alers. There will be countless basketball games in March, but only one Aler meeting! You have no excuses, unless you are helping out at NHC as a judge or steward (let me know if you still want to help)! And thanks again for all who showed up to the bottle sort.  We stared down the legions of bottles, smiled wryly and then sorted the bajeebers out of them and finished early. Sooo, to make up for all those Alers on the front lines Friday, we need all hands on deck to keep the meeting epic.

What's on deck? In no particular order:

  • FeBrew - How'd they get their beer so dark without any dark malts or food coloring? And how does that beer taste, look and smell?  They had to get fermentables less than 5 SRM and have a beer >15 SRM, or something like that.  We should have a club officer in charge of writing this kinda stuff down ...
  • Skagit Valley Malting - A local maltster will be giving a talk on the importance of keeping your brewery clean.  No wait, this just in, he will be talking about malt and their great new local products. interwebz:
  • Warlords of Acquisition - The fearsome duo will regale us with the goings on at JBLM and the PNW Homebrew Convention. Thanks again for everyone who stepped up to setup/teardown at the events, and more importantly to those provided more brew than one can imagine for two back-to-back events. 3 if you count St. Patty's Day at Larry's.  And 4 if you count this meeting ...
  • Show 'n' Tell  - Some intrepid Alers went seriously old school and made a stein beer by heating rocks to 1.3 quadrillion degrees and throwing them into wort to boil it.  Here all about it!
  • Style Sherpa - Two words: Import Stouts. Or is that Export Stouts. Import/Export Stouts?  Imported Export Stouts? Non-exported domestic export stouts?  Re-imported Stouts? Man, I'm completely befuddled, Style Sherpa help me! And sorry, waaay more than 2 words.
  • Food, fun, homebrew - bring food and homebrew, we will make the fun together.
sean "st00w3rd" drew