Beer Events


The new meeting address (at least for now): Very near-ish Airways - 8605 S 212th St, Kent, WA 98031
And same time: 3rd Friday, 4/21.  7:00pm

  • Style Sherpa: A Lighter shade of German (Bock not yer doppel and go to Helles)
  • BotF: Jay Baldwin will be bringing his beer-on-the-fly.
  • DIY Homebrew Gadgets: Homebrewers are crafty, frugal beasts. We spend money where it’s needed but often find ways to spread that dollar around by coming up with cost-saving ways to simplify tasks or replicate commercial equipment. What have you put together to accomplish a task? It’s like show & tell, but for grown-ups. Bring something to talk about and share! The meeting will really really really really suck if  y'all don't bring some stuff!