Beer Events


May 19th Beer Meeting - 7:00 pm

There will be beer and food. Don't make me come over there and make you show up!! Location: 8605 S 212th St, Kent, WA 98031 (back side of Airways, 2 doors west)

  • Guest Speaker: James Wahl from MJW Malting Group will regale us with the vast maltiness his company's products provide. Including malt infused with alien robot DNA (allegedly).
  • Iron Brewer (FeBr): Base malt is cool.  Base barley malt is swank. Soo, what if you have to have less than 15% of the grist being base barley malt? You have a FeBr challenge.  Challenge accepted and results to be tasted at the meeting!
  • Style Sherpa: A sour, a Belgian, a saison and a lighter English ale walk into a gastropub.  And the Cicerone says, "lucky for you, we serve beer here". That being said, the Sherpa guaran-darn-tees that it will be one these four, unless he drinks all the beer and brings in a few pounders of Steel Reserve (his fav) as "Strong American Canned Rubbing Alco-Ale"..
  • Beer on the Fly (BotF): So, like, umm, we, er, ah, didn't ask for feedback last time or pick another experimenter.  If you want some sweet Aler cash to run a beer experiment, come prepared with an offer at the next meeting. And well, can you make that beer happen in a month? The imperial Russian rye red stout is out, but perhaps the rose hips, ginger and basil session gose is in reach.