Beer Events


We are meeting at Odin Brewing. While Wednesday is named after Odin, we are still meeting Friday 08/25/17 at 7:00pm. Odin Brewing can be found at - 402 Baker Blvd, Tukwila, WA 98188.  What are we doing? Well, nothing with mead or Sahti, ironically ...

  • Vikings love iron - so we will be doing Iron Brewer.  This is one not to miss, as we have hit triticale mass and are doing BJCP Style 27 with MJW triticale.
  • Vikings love power - so we will have a power point talk on BJCP Style 27. Yes, the mighty mighty Overpresidemporlord is that good, to get that to dovetail.
  • Vikings love cool ships - so the Style Sherpa will be doing beers made with cool ships. Ok, that is unconfirmed, but there will be an awesome selection of beers to sample and learn from.
  • Vikings love battle - So we will talk about JNPSPA volunteering.  We will impress you, in the old English Navy sense (aka conscription). Regardless, any viking worth his salt would be proud to enter and volunteer the JNPSPA (Joint Novembeerfest Puget Sound ProAm)!
  • Vikings love runes - So we will have 1/2 price subscriptions for BYO available. Sorry, English version only, no Viking rune edition.  So bring $17.50 in cash monies or check. See this doc for the type of info we need to collect.
  • Vikings love food and drink - So bring your food and drink to share.  Sip each other's brews and offer praise and/or advice.  Swap recipe ideas and brewing techniques.  And if you have a concealed battle axe permit, please leave those in the car, or just sling it over your back ...