Beer Events


Remember, we are meeting at the Lake Desire Clubhouse this month and the next few to try that as a location. The address is "18118 172nd Ave SE Renton, WA 98058" and is near-ish Petrovisky Park not too far from the Fairwood area.  The price is fantastic, the facility looks nice, and hopefully the commute is similar to the previous locations.

What is up for this meeting, besides the usual madness and mayhem?
  • What is the main topic? Well, some hints.  It is early and dark and you desire a beverage that is tasty and gives you some get up and go. In hex, 0xc0ffee. Yes, hot water extracting goodness from roasted seed pods. Give up?  Signature Joe will be in the house to talk about roasting your own coffee, making cold brew and infusing into fermented goodness.
  • The Style Sherpa will be bringing the cheapest light lagers he can find to see if your weak palates can distinguish between them.  Or was it he was bringing barrel aged Imperial Eis Tripels that are at least 40 proof?  Come hither and see ...
  • Joint Novembeerfest Puget Sound ProAm - sign up to help and enter your beer! Do it, or it is highly likely you will be abducted by aliens and subjected to tests I can't describe in this family friendly missive. Note: link is for judging, stewarding and entries.  Bottle sort is separate.
  • BotF (beer on the fly) - someday I will write this down. There will be a beer experiment and you get to taste! And offer feedback. And volunteer for the next experiment and get $25.00USD to do your own experiment.
  • Bring food!  Bring beer!  Bring your passion!
  • Bonus skrybe suggesion. Bring beer you think would be good to have coffee added.  We will force carbonate some cold brew and mix on the fly to see how it tastes.
  • What do you think of having a Facebook group page? Share your thoughts at the meeting.


Check out the Impaling Aler's website to see our calendar of events. See you at Lake Desire Clubhouse on the third Friday of the month!


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