Beer Events


October has happened.  You have survived sun, smoke, Beerstock and more.  Let's get back to basics. Brew, meet, learn. We need all three.


  • Brew and bring to share. Whether you do extract, BIAB, all grain, Pico (or other cool automated systems), mead, sake, cider, wine or other fermented goodness, do it, do it well and bring some to share (whether it went well or not).
  • FeBr (Iron Brewer) - Iron Brewer is on for this month.  Be prepared to enjoy and critique. And be prepared to volunteer to be the next challenger!
  • JNSPA - Brew to enter competitions like JNSPA. This supports the club.
  • Brew together. Invite other Alers to join you on brew day.


  • Bring food. Beer goes well with food.  Food keeps you sharp.
  • Bring beer.  Or whatever else you fermented.  Ask for feedback.
  • Bring questions and and answers. Be humble whether asking or offering advice. I have learned so much from meetings, I couldn't even begin to give a short summary in an email.
  • Volunteer for JNSPA.  Register as a steward or judge at the official website for 11/11 or 11/12. Register for the bottle sort on 11/8. This is another way to meet together and serve the brewing community.
  • Where. Remember, the new digs are at: Lake Desire Community Clubhouse ( 18118 172nd Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058 )


  • Main topic. Josh, aka President of Vice, will be presenting on a topic so top secret I can't even type it in an email.  That, or I lost the email on the topic.  But also remember, Josh brought Cantillon to the last meeting he spoke at... no promises (and I am not at all bitter for missing that meeting, NOT AT ALL!!!) 
  • Style Sherpa. Style Sherpa will be all about the Belgians!  Word on the street is he has spent 1.3 trillion dollars for the best of the best and the rarest of the rare.  Or did he say he got a sixer of Blue Moon ...
  • JNSPA - Enter your beer for feedback