Beer Events

It is that time of year for our ever epic, always awesome, forever fantastic Winter Warmer Tasting.  How do you know which of the vast array of brews to plunk down your hard earned moola for, if you don't get to try a few?  And after Windpacolypse (TM), you need something to take the chill off.  Meeting details below.

  • BOTF - Beer on the fly is most likely a thing at this meeting. But I don't remember who and what.  Someday I will be an actual scribe and write/swipe/type this down.
  • Topic - No, it is not that we are unprepared and put stuff off to the last minute.  No sirree. But we will have a topic and it will be titillating and educational.
  • Bottles - We have a ton of empty bottles from the competition.  I will bring them, take them if you want! Otherwise, I will just hide them in your car when you aren't looking.
  • Style Sherpa - Winter warmers.   Hundreds of them!  From the rarest of the rare to the commonest of the common.  Well, that may be hyperbole, but there will be a lot of 'em.
  • Food - Definitely bring some, those mega monsters pack a punch.

Remember, we meet at the Lake Desire Clubhouse.  7:00pm. 11/17

18118 172nd Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058, USA