Beer Events

North - Beer Renegades of Everett Washington Partner Meeting

South - Impaling Alers Partner Meeting


Fri Jan 19, 2018 7pm – 10pm Pacific Time
Lost Canoe Brewing Company, 1208 10th St, Snohomish, WA 98290, USA (map)

This Friday @ 7pm, Lost Canoe 1208 10th st in Snohomish. Our January meeting has a lot on the agenda. Club night events, competitions, functions and monthly beer styles! Speaking of beer styles, it is winter warmers, spiced ales and holiday libations for this months theme. So bring a beer or two and your personality (or three) and we will see you Friday night!

Impaling Alers:

First and foremost, this is election month. In order to maintain peaceful transitions of power among the Alerati we hold yearly elections. We are an impatient bunch!  The club is only as good as you make it, soooo make it good.  Overpresidemporlord Kehsauce has done an exemplary job of navigating us through some very troubled waters last year. However, His Excellency will not be running for reelection. So consider yourself notified for service!  Elected positions are listed below.

  • Overpresidemporlord
  • President of Vice
  • Scrivener
  • Web Czar
  • Pillager/Treasurer
  • Style Sherpa
  • WaHA Rep
  • Warlords of Acquisition/Event coordinators

The meeting location is at Lake Desire Clubhouse on Friday 1/19 at 7:00pm.

  • Elections - Volunteer and vote!
  • Style Sherpa - The wise sherpa will guide us on Czechoslovakian, Slovenian and Polish brews
  • Topic - Temper control. How not to lose your temper when you lose a batch of beer or a ton of wort.  Wait!  Oh.  Temperature control.  Of fermentation.  I suppose that is also important.
  • Usual Shenanigans - Announcements.  Bring food and beer to share.