Beer Events

North Meeting with BREW

Exciting week for BREW!

This month’s meeting on Friday (Feb 17th - time and location on the calendar) has a special guest on the agenda.

Maitreya Dunham Associate Professor of Genome sciences from the UW will be attending to talk about her work with yeast genetic variations and their relation to human genetics. I know what you are thinking, Brian we all know you smell a little funky due to some unknown cultures propagating, but this goes beyond my hygiene and into some cool science!

Our meeting cadence will be slightly different, there will still be beer served at nearly every pause as usual but with a slide show and a following Q&A session to start things off,  I think it’s best to serve everyone a nice glass of “calibration” beer to hold them over. I will pick up a few to share and try to stay within the February theme of sour beers and wild ales genre.

Here is a link to a few of her pages and an article on the yeast strain she discovered

Pichia apotheca”

Hope to see you all there!

South Meeting with the Alers

Come behold what you have wrought with your reckless and wanton voting!  The new regime thanks you for your support and the first meeting will be glorious and the big reveal of a few changes.

  • Topic - The Overpresidemporlord himself has granted permission for Jon Oppegaard of the eponymously named Oppegaard Meadery to deliver his wisdom to us  ( ).  Or was it the Warlords sweet talked Jon into giving us a honey of talk?  Either way, it will be great talk.  Bring your mead and "Keep Woden in Wednesday".
  • FeBr - Star Anise and Galaxy hops.  Hopefully an out of this world combination. Brew long and prosper and sample the brews refined by the crucible of competition. And be prepared to enter and defeat all challengers.
  • Style Sherpa - Porters and Stouts.  Good time of year to drink and brew these.  And given the broad range and sometimes ill defined differences, Alex will have ample material and beer to guide us.  Like did you know, that it is Russian Imperial Stout and not Porter, because putting RIP on the bottles makes people think it will kill them and they don't buy the beer!  Well, the Sherpa will have truer facts ...
  • Bring stuff - Bring your meads, ports and stouters. Ask around for feedback on your creations. Different folks have different palates and different abilities to perceive. And bring food.  While beer is food, non-beer food is a good accompaniment.

Check out the Impaling Aler's website to see our calendar of events. See you at Lake Desire Clubhouse on the third Friday of the month! That's 2/16/18 at 7:00pm.