Beer Events
What is up for the next meeting? Good question.  Here are some hard researched facts and statistical analysis.
  • There will be beer. Likelihood is 100% +- 0%. Very tight error bar on this.
  • Style Sherpa is asking all Alers to bring their Kölsch . And this is an off-flavor month. Notice the hyphen. Not an off flavor-month. There will be flavor: 94%, +- 2%. What off-flavor?  Ha!! Come taste and smell and figure it out.  Apparently adding nasty crap to Miller Lite is the only way to get y'all to drink it.
  • NHC final planning. Register your kegs already (see email on this subject and register). 73% +- 10% of total Aler domination.
  • Main Topic - "The IBU is Fake News" and yet has a truthiness about it. Hoppiness vs bitterness vs perception vs physical reality vs unicorns and lollipops. Or it could be something totally different, because that is how we roll. 30% +- 3% we have a topic ...
  • BotFly - Beer On The Fly is next month, pay attention! 0% +- 0% for this month
  • FeBr - Iron Brewer is this month, and it is, ummm, like with special brewing ingredients or process.  I wish we had a scribe to write this stuff down ... 20% +- 3% chance the scribe writes down the FeBr for the next round
See you at the Lake Desire Clubhouse at 7:00pm on 6/15/18.


sean "redjisurkegs" drew