Beer Events
March has come in like a Lion Red and will leave like Lambic. But, as usual, I digress. Let me give you 3.14159 reasons to attend the meeting of the Alerati on the day before St. Patrick's day.
  • BotFly (Beer on the Fly) - Somebody agreed to brew something and share.  So there! Come enjoy the experiment. And come with your own experimental ideas and be the next BotFly!
  • Irish Red - The illustrious Style Sherpa will be showcasing the luck o' th' Irish.  If you made your own luck bring that down to share as well! Or any Pi or St. Patrick style of beer. Or any beer, cider, mead or ...
  • Competition Entry - I, your glorious source of all things awesome and beer-y, will be giving a brief presentation on how to enter a beer competition.  World domination to follow! A few simple guidelines can make all the difference.
  • General kibbutzing - talking about brew, sharing brew, giving feedback, sharing tips and so on
As always, bring beer, bring food and bring it on.

Check out the Impaling Aler's website to see our calendar of events. See you at Lake Desire Clubhouse on March 16th, 2018 at 7:00pm!