Beer Events
Hard to believe the year is winding down, Christmas is nigh and New Year's is around the corner.  That can only mean two things.  Massive beer auction and elections next month.  Or perhaps, a wee bit more ...
  • Style Sherpa - The Sherpa has fled to the Fijian islands for warmer weather and to hunt down rare indigenous brewing ingredients and techniques.  However, he has caught some off flavors in the wild to try prior to his fleeing frenzy and his duly appointed deputy will present.
  • Beer Auction - The last of the beer from JNPSPA will be auctioned off for $0.50USD per ticket.  Like King County voting, enter early and often by buying a boatload of tickets.  And then enjoy/judge/marvel at the beer you get.  And the money goes to the club to pay for things like rent and more Sherpa beer or beer ingredients for BotFly or FeBr.
  • Topic - Umm, sure, yeah, there will be one.  But short, and sweet.  Like Finney.
  • Food - yes please!  Bring some food, 'cuz you know there will be beer, cider, mead and stuff that goes well with food.

See you at the Lake Desire Clubhouse on 12/21/18 at 7:00pm!