Beer Events
January.  A time for fresh starts, fresh commitments and fresh beer.  You are what makes this club great.  So come and volunteer.  And come and vote.  There are no mail in ballots.  First off, a big round of applause for the 2018 regime and all their glorious service. NHC. Beerstock.  Presentations. Moving club gear. Novembeerfest.  More beer at meetings than you can shake a mash paddle at. And to you as well.  FeBr. BotFly. Entering and doing well in competitions. Gallons of great homebrew and tons of food at the meetings. 2019 will be great year for the Alers!

  • Style Sherpa - The Sherpa will be bringing a style.  And it will be good. Most likely it will have malt and hops.  I have been sworn to secrecy *or* I already forgot what he told me.
  • Indoor Flaming Chainsaw Juggling - This will be spectacular.  Wait, this just in, our rental fee doesn't cover that.  OK, scratch this one from the agenda
  • BotFly - Some terrible scribe lost his notes or never took them.  But there will be a beer on the fly presented and you should consider doing one!
  • Elections - Let the mud slinging begin!  OK, we're a pretty gregarious bunch, no mud slinging, but plenty of chop busting is likely to occur.  In all seriousness, the future of the club is in your hands.  Wield the power wisely.
  • Post Election Gala - After the election the newly elected officials invite you to eat any food that is left and to drink any beer that is left in celebration.

As always, check out the Impaling Aler's website to see our calendar of events. See you at Lake Desire Clubhouse on Friday Jan 18. 7:00pm.