Wine Events


Club event:  BEWBC VINEYARD SOURCES (AND THE WINES PRODUCED FROM THEM) by Joe Sikora! January 31st at The Farm Community Center in Woodinville.  Thanks to Massoud and Amyko for providing this excellent venue.  Thanks to Marty for the photos.

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New club officers were elected:

President - Mike Doherty

Wine VP - Jon Barbour

Beer VP - Mark Emily

Treasurer - Kevin Neal

Secretary - Lynn Schneider

Thanks to the outgoing and incoming officers!

Joe introduced each AVA and vineyard from which the club purchases grapes.  For each vineyard, we sampled club-made and/or commercial wines in the context of the AVA and vineyard characteristics.  We enjoyed conversation and stories about the vineyards.  As open enrollment approaches, it’s very helpful to inform our grape purchasing decisions with palate input, in addition to the data on our website and other internet sources.  As always, Joe did a great presentation.  The wines were very nice.  Thanks to those who provided them.  We also sampled a Cabernet from Martinez vineyard at Horse Heaven Hills, across the road from Champoux, which is no longer a club source.  Grape Procurement will decide whether to pursue Martinez as a HHH source.  Initial availability will be limited.