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Nominations for Board Members

It's that time of year again for our club's own officer election process for 2009 (2010 officers).  Now is the time to consider how you can serve our club in the coming year.  If you have never held a position in the club, please consider taking your turn and helping in this way (or even if you have previously served - consider another turn).

Our election timeline is as follows:

  • Early nominations solicited and accepted through November 30th 
  • List of Nominees published in The Press and on Website by Dec 5th 
  • Elections held*:  at the Winter Social

* Note: If only a single candidate is nominated for an office, that candidate shall be declared elected at the Winter Social. If more than one candidate is nominated for an office, the contested position will be decided by ballot after the Winter Social, and the winner announced by Dec. 21.

Elected officer positions and current nominations are as follows:


  • President - Kathryn Chalfan - APPROVED
  • Vice President - Wine - Dennis Campbell - Nominated
  • Vice President - Beer - Doug Buffett - Nominated
  • Treasurer - Paul Woodward - APPROVED
  • Secretary - Rick Adams - Nominated

In addition to the elected officer positions, the following non-officer positions need to be filled:

  • Webmaster Assistant (post monthly newsletters and other items of interest on the club website)

If you would like to volunteer yourself or nominate a fellow club member for any of the above offices, please contact one of the members of this year's nominating committee below or any of our current executive board officers. Self-nominations are more than welcome.

We challenge you to consider whether you or another club member might be right for one of these offices. Our club is a cooperative effort, which takes a lot of coordination to manage at our level, but the effort is quite manageable when we all chip in. We have all benefited from the past efforts of our volunteers. Please think about how you can serve our club in the coming year, and don't hesitate to contact any member of the Nominating Committee to discuss the possibilities.

Thanks for your help in making BEWBC one of Boeing's most successful clubs! We look forward to hearing from you.

BEWBC Executive Board