Wine News

Time to order grapes is now!! Open enrollment is now thru March 16th .

OPEN ENROLLMENT means that any order placed during open enrollment will have equal priority; i.e. not first come, first served. You can still place an order after open enrollment (after March 16), but some sources will sell out, or we’ve had to cut off additional orders for some vineyards (because they sold unordered grapes elsewhere), so some choices may no longer be available.   Also, in the event of harvest time shortages, those who ordered during open enrollment will be given higher priority than those who ordered after. 

TO ORDER GRAPES - ***you need to have dues paid***, then go to and see "Vineyard Guide" for info and "Order Grapes Online" t o order (both via pull-down menus from Members Area menu bar).

NOTE!!! Some grape offerings available ONLY via FORUM posting. Periodically check FORUM (or sign up for email notify).

TO CHECK FORUM - go to Members Area -
FORUM - Grape Procurement, see posts in 2013.

TO SIGN UP FOR EMAIL NOTIFY of new Forum postings - go to Grape Procurement forum and select "SUBSCRIBE" icon just above the forum postings. Note: when you receive email notification, subsequent notifications are "turned off" until you actually access the forum.

All orders are a COMMITMENT - see Terms of Purchase on the left bar of the website under User Menu.