Wine News


Grape Purchasers, please note!  The end-of-season bookkeeping process results in numerous requests for additional payments and refunds.  Many of these are small amounts and result in additional coordination and efforts by the Grape Procurement Focals and our Treasurer.  This means many of our members and our treasurer are writing several small $ amount checks.  The Board has approved a change that, beginning in 2019, for amounts of $5 or less per vineyard order, refunds and amounts due will be zeroed out.  For example, if you owe $3 for one vineyard and $4 for a different vineyard, there will be no requests for two separate checks and you get to keep your $7.  On the other hand if you are owed $3 for one vineyard and $4 for a different vineyard, you will not receive a refund check.
Additionally, the board recognizes the benefits of this policy change and has approved the implementation immediately.  Our goal is to reduce the amount of check writing by both our members and our Treasurer.  Since this change was not published prior to the 2018 grape ordering, should you wish to receive any refund less than $5 per vineyard for 2018, please contact your vineyard focal.  The club will not request amounts owed less than $5 per vineyard.  The Board will be monitoring the results of the new policy, and if you have any questions, contact one of your board members.