Wine Events


Dear BEWBC members,  

The Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Club would like to invite you to attend a club wine event – March Madness.

PLEASE RSVP - click on this link

WINE EVENT: March Madness tasting & “competition”

Hosted by BEWBC, Peter Zaches (running the tournament) & Brad Sherman (at his winery!)

WHEN: THURSDAY, March 30th, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

WHERE: Michael Florentino Cellars, Woodinville 

19501 144th Ave NE

Suite C 1200

Woodinville, WA 98072


-       March Madness involves a fun competition of both club member wines and commercial wines that are tasted and judged by all present at the meeting. 

-       This March Madness will showcase club member wines – both homemade member wines and alumni commercial wines, PLUS some other commercial wines of our vineyard sources. The objective is to provide potential new club members exposure to “what are wines of BEWBC members & alumni pros like?”  Please consider bringing a guest that is an eligible and interested potential member

-       You are encouraged to bring and enter a a wine – one of your homemade wines OR a commercial wine of a club vineyard or alumni, or as an alternative ANY commercial wine of your choosing.

-       In the tournament, homemade wines will be tasted blind & judged along with commercial wines – there will be a prize (and more importantly, fun “boasting rights”) for bringing the winner “1st place homemade wine” and “1st place commercial wine”

No fee if you bring a wine, $5/person fee for those without a wine.

For planning the tournament brackets PLEASE RSVP BY TUESDAY, MARCH 28 (including the wine you plan to bring) by Survey Monkey:


For questions, contact Joe Sikora at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Wines used in this year's event:

1. John Bell, Home, Epiloge Red Blend

2. John Bell, Commercial, Willis Hall 05 Cab
3. Joe Sikora, Home, 2014 Cab
4. Joe Sikora, Home 2015 Syrah
5. BEWBC, Commercial, Portteus 2013 Bistro Red
6. BEWBC, Commercial, Chandler Reach 2010 Corella
7. BEWBC, Commercial, Nota Bene, 2011 Una Note Blend
8. BEWBC, Commercial, Cadence, 2014 Red Mountian
9. BEWBC, Kiona, 2012 Cab-Merlot
10. BEWBC, Fallline, 2011 Artz Via Red Mtn
11. Mazzitelli, Home, 2014 Stillwater Creek Syrah
12. Campbell/Chalfan, Home, 2013 Ciel du Cheval c1 Cab
13. Campbell/Chalfan, Home, 2013 Ciel du Cheval c2 Cab
14. Campbell/Chalfan, Home, 2013 CRV Syrah
15. Mike Doherty, Home, 2015 Petite Syrah
16. Lorraine Volpe, Commercial, Sterling Meritage, Red Blend  (Best value)
17. Brad Sherman, Commercial, Surprise
18. Bill Freitag, Home, 2013 Sangiovese
19. George Cooper, Home, 2013 Cab Sav
20. Pat Cullen, Home, 2014 Syrah
21. Pat Cullen, Home, 2015 Merlot
22. George Yankov, Home 2015 Cab
23. Steve Fosie, Commercial, Cab Franc
24. Enrignt, Home, 2015 Syrah